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KonaRed Welcomes NEW Head Roaster, Cano Cardenas



We’re excited to introduce Cano Cardenas as our NEW Head Roaster.

Cano Cardenas 

He comes to us from Zumbar Coffee in San Diego, CA where he was roasting whole bean coffee daily and assisting in the production of Ready-To-Drink cold brew coffee.  He will be an integral part of our new state-of-the-art production facility in Carlsbad, CA.  Cano will oversee all things coffee including blends, roasting, production and more!


A lifelong coffee enthusiast, Cano’s love for coffee began as a kid when he learned how to brew his parents’ morning cup of jo’. After an 18 year skateboarding career, Cano decided to pursue his passion of coffee and turn it into a full-time career.


He is extremely well versed in the history and creation process of coffee and brings a wealth of knowledge about the coffee industry to our team. His energy (natural and coffee-powered!) is contagious, and we’re so excited to welcome him to the KonaRed Ohana!


A Quick Q&A with Cano:

 1. What made you interested in roasting coffee?

I wanted something more than just pulling a shot. I wanted to create. I wanted to be the reason that customers sipped a cup of coffee and said, “Wow, that’s an amazing cup of coffee.” Roasting provides that opportunity.


2. How did you get involved in coffee roasting?

Steve Rayle of Zumbar Coffee & Tea gave me the opportunity, but he is so rad he makes everyone start off by washing dishes regardless of what position you’re getting into. It made me appreciate that much more each time that I worked with the roaster.


3. What inspires your roasting?

Honestly, Steve my old boss and memories of growing up having coffee with my parents. I want to create for other people the same feeling and connection with coffee that I have had my whole life.


4. How would you describe your roasting style?



5. What excites you the most about coffee?

The process from seed to cup. Seeing all the hard work that goes into just one cup of coffee is nothing short of amazing.


6. What are you looking forward to most in roasting for KonaRed?

Definitely the opportunity to roast Kona coffee on a daily basis. That is truly a blessing that not all roasters get to have.


7. Favorite coffee and or blend?

Panama Geisha or an Ethiopia Kokanna 


8. What do you love about coffee roasting?

Creating flavors and bringing different regions of the world alive in a single cup.


9. The best thing about coffee roasting?



10. The worst thing about coffee roasting?

Nothing. If you fail you learn.


11. In your opinion, what qualities make an EXCELLENT Roaster, like yourself?

Someone who is passionate about what they do and understands how much dedication and hard work has gone into getting that little green bean from a tree to the roaster. It’s a true love thing!


12. Preferred roasting soundtrack (what music are you jamming to)?

Anything with a true soul! Hip hop, Motown, David Bowie, Leon Bridges, Natalie LaFourcade, its honestly endless. Bottom line, I want something that reflects the passion that I put into my coffee. If you make it with love in your heart people can feel it and taste it.