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KonaRed Founder - Shaun Roberts

Who We Are

Originally from Southern California, KonaRed Founder Shaun Roberts moved to Hawaii in 2001 to raise his family in paradise. As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years in consumer-based products, it was only natural that life would keep him exploring and discovering new and innovative products to bring to consumers, even if the slower pace of Hawaiian life was tugging at his heels. Living near one of the largest coffee plantations in the US, he decided to look into what made Kona Coffee one of the best and most sought-after coffees on the planet.

While Hawaii is the only place in the United States that grows commercial coffee, Kona Coffee, in particular, is known to be unique due to its ideal tropical climate with sunny mornings, no wind and shady, rainy afternoons. With 700+ mostly family-owned estate farms, these coffee plantations stretch over 4000 acres along the volcanic mountainsides of Hualalai and Mauna Loa. These volcanic slopes are home to untouched nutrient rich soil, providing optimal growing conditions. Because of the sloped terrain, coupled with the fact that the “cherry” doesn’t ripen all at the same time, all coffee in Kona is hand-picked. Its fruit is then split to get the beans out, sorted by weight, size and color, available in both Certified Prime and Fancy Grades - making it one of the most expensive and exclusive globally recognized coffees.

Through Roberts continued 2-year research, he learned that 20 million pounds of the coffee fruit, the fruit surrounding and nourishing the precious coffee bean, were being discarded each year. This waste being dumped each year plays a significant part in impacting the environment. He also discovered that this by-product of the coffee bean, or the coffee fruit, was packed with antioxidant properties putting it in the superfruit category that may help you live longer, look better and even prevent disease. In fact, research has shown it has 30 -40 times the benefits of other super fruits such as blueberries and pomegranates. Working with the major coffee growers and processors in Kona, Roberts set out to repurpose the discarded coffee fruit creating greater sustainability in the Hawaiian Coffee community.

What makes KonaRed Different?

KonaRed is proud to be one of the only sources of USA grown, Hawaiian Coffee and Coffee Fruit, bringing these highly prized, delicately rich and smooth Kona Coffee products directly to consumers. The name Kona can only be applied to the beans grown in North and South Kona. This makes KonaRed unlike its competitors in both its exclusivity and uniqueness. Our ultra-premium coffee products begin with the finest varietals, the highest quality soil, the purest water and cleanest air. KonaRed’s 100% Kona Coffee is handpicked and roasted in small batches to ensure consistency and freshness. KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee is the only cold brew coffee on the market that infuses the antioxidant-rich coffee fruit in its beverages, adding beneficial nutrients to their premium product offerings. This added coffee fruit enhances each beverage making it one of the smoothest craft cold brews on the market - winning countless taste tests and awards. And, KonaRed’s Original Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Juice is a pioneer in coffee sustainability and incredibly delicious!

Why it Matters?

With billions of pounds of coffee fruit discarded annually around the world, KonaRed is proud to be a contributor in repurposing Nature’s Best Kept Secret, the coffee fruit. By doing so, it allows them to reap all the benefits of the entire coffee plant in their beverages. Their continued commitment to work with local Kona Coffee family estates that adhere to sustainability practices is something they are deeply passionate about. And because their products are made in the US, KonaRed is proud to be a part of what helps support their local communities and their families. KonaRed is Sustainable, Traceable and Functional!

Today, KonaRed has grown from its humble beginnings, growing roughly 300% a year and has become a major leader in the premium Hawaiian Coffee industry. KonaRed proudly produces five award-winning Ready to Drink (RTD) Cold Brew Coffee varieties, 100% Kona Coffee Beans, original RTD Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Juice, 100% Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Powders, and its new KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee Bag in a Box.