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The best Cold Brew Coffee Money Can Buy!

The best cold brew coffee you can buy that’s ready to drink

Here is the best cold brew coffee you can buy:

The best cold brew coffee overall

Why you’ll love it: KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee is mellow and mild, thanks to its low acidity, but it still has plenty of flavor.

Of all the cold brew coffees I’ve sipped in recent years, KonaRed has always been the brand by which I measure other options. The coffees are consistently mild and mellow, offering lots of flavor with no discernible acidity.

You can sip a KonaRed coffee slowly over time or you can chug a bottle or can. KonaRed also makes three-liter multi-serve boxes with pour spouts for people who want a big supply. The coffee gets all that flavor thanks to a 16-hour cold water steeping process, which enhances the taste and aroma with juice extracted from the coffee berry, which is the fruit that surrounds the bean.

Of the KonaRed coffee blends I’ve tried, the basic black coffee, fittingly called Original, has always been my favorite. but the bold Espresso flavor is also lovely, while the Maui Mocha variety is like a desert in a bottle. The Kauai Caramel blend is frankly too sweet for me, but you just might love it.

Plenty of dedicated coffee connoisseurs certainly love the stuff. A writer from BevNetcalled KonaRed coffee “smooth but bold.”

Pros: Mild acidity, high caffeine content, unique berry-like flavor notes

Cons: Rather expensive


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