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Our commitment to sustainability is rooted deep.  In fact, it’s how KonaRed began.  When we learned that over 40 million pounds of Kona coffee fruit were being discarded every year, we set out to discover a way in which we could utilize this coffee cherry, also known as cascara, to benefit people and the planet.

After months of research, we discovered that cascara had beneficial antioxidants, putting it in the superfruit category. We knew that if we could find a way to make a delicious beverage using the benefits of the cascara superfruit, we would also be helping to sustain the beautiful integrity of Hawaii by keeping the coffee fruit out of the waste stream. 

Working with local farmers, we set out to purchase their discarded coffee cherries.  By doing so, we helped to create an additional revenue stream for our local coffee growers and our communities and eliminated tons of waste out of the environment.

Currently, we are the only company that buys Kona coffee fruit.  The Kona coffee plant provides some of the most sought-after beans in the world. Because each Kona coffee fruit is handpicked rather than machine picked, we know that we are maintaining jobs in our community and guaranteeing that each coffee cherry gathered is perfectly ripe. Not only do we use cascara in our Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Juice, but we also infuse our cold brew with cascara, giving our cold brew its award-winning smooth flavor.

Our commitment to conservation and sustainability will always be our first priority.  Our coffee fruit is 100% traceable and tested to ensure that there is no presence of pesticides. We believe it’s important to value the health of humanity and Mother Earth.  Mahalo!