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Our commitment to sustainability is simple.

We’ve set out to eliminate waste, create jobs within our communities and deliver premium Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Cascara products by using the whole Kona Coffee Cherry.

At KonaRed®, we take pride in utilizing every part of the coffee cherry to create products that set us apart from competition, and more importantly reduce our footprint on the environment. 

When the summer ends, the Coffee Harvest begins. Working with local farmers, we set out to purchase their discarded coffee cherries and create a sustainable, traceable and functional solution to eliminate waste while also contributing to the creation of additional revenue for local farmers.

Coffee Cherry, or Cascara, protects and nourishes the coffee beans, and has traditionally been discarded as waste in favor of the Bean. Cascara is packed with antioxidants and contains naturally occurring caffeine. We proudly use Hawaiian Cascara, not only in our juice, but in our cold brew coffees as well, to deliver added health benefits, better taste and contribute to the highest level of sustainability.

KonaRed® is an original pioneer of Hawaiian Cascara Products since 2008. 100% Traceable, Sustainable and Functional - our commitment to sustainability is rooted deep.